About Us

We at Home Field Legends aim to give you the best experience while designing your next sporting good equipment and apparel. We strive to bring you the best quality and best prices while serving you with the best service throughtout the entire manufacturing process, from inquiry to shipping we will answer any questions you may have. Sometime looking good while on the field is just as crucial as looking good off the field and we have become a part of a lot of teams journey when it comes to the apparel and we make sure that what is used to represent thier colors is nothing but quality. 

Our specialty is in the sports apparel industry but in addition we have worked with a lot of streetwear brands from screenprint to cut and sew projects. We understand that for a new brand most places require a insane minimum amount for cut and sew production, but that is where we are different. Our low minimums will allow you to make it a more realistic and less overwhelming experience while allowing you to grow your brand. 

We greatly appreciate your time and if you have any questions that are not answered on the website please don't hesitate in sending us a message, no project is to big or to small!